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18–24 novembre 2019


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Thursday 22 November

METASYNC Day 1: Soundtrack Official Selection by Ivan Iusco Minus Habens record label

When: 13:30 - 14:15

BASE Spazio B


Exploring points of intersection between music and other realms of art.

We present a screening of the ten pieces selected by our jury of experts from those submitted in the call for artists launched by Metasync, a cultural project dreamt up in 2017 by the composer Ivan Iusco to mark the 30th anniversary (1987-2017) of the record label Minus Habens Records, aimed at research and distribution in the music synchronisation and soundtrack field.

Entailing the meeting of at least two events in space and time, synchronisation in the film sector comes about through the fusion of music and sounds with the scenes in a film, defining the narrative structure and amplifying the viewing experience.
Almost a century after the birth of sound film, the art has undergone a massive evolution, introducing new scenarios that often redefine the concept of the soundtrack itself.

This project aims to shed light on the evolution of synchronisation and technology designed for artists, now making it possible to create new interactions between music and other realms of art.

Selected artists: Andrea Colacicco aka Black Elephant A.C., Ape5, Carmen Lilia Stolfi, E. Gabriel Edvy, Komplex, L’Altra Terra di Bari, Lady On, Marina Mundo, Nicola Cipriani, Semiosphera.

Music from: Andrea Senatore & Giovanni Sollima, Christian Rainer, Dati, Distorsonic, Dive, Due, Elastic Society, The Frustrated (aka Davide Lombardi), Georgio Vocoder, Giorgio Spada, Gone, Il Guaio, Interiors, Ivan Iusco, Klänge, KTräume, Lagowski, Le Forbici Di Manitù, Monomorph (aka D’Arcangelo), Nightmare Lodge, Optogram, Pankow, Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi, Paolo F. Bragaglia, Principia Audiomatica, Red Sector A, Rucci And the Lulabenjim, Sigillum S, Synusonde, Teho Teardo.

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Partners: IED – European Institute of Design, Elita, Sync Summit, KXLU Radio, Neural, Linecheck Festival, Les Cahiers Européens De l’Imaginaire, Doppelgänger, Seminal Film, Oz Film, Zoomotion, Time Zones, Acusmatiq, MEI, Puglia Sounds.

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