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18–24 novembre 2019


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Thursday 22 November

NIGHT NOW! presented by Nights from the Future

When: 14:15 - 15:15

BASE Spazio C

supported by Italia Music Export – SIAE and ICE


How new contents and formats can make a city proud of its nights? Then how a city can promote itself thanks to its nights? And from whom it comes? Entrepreneurs? Tourism and branding offices of cities ? Nights in main cities are shaping and structuring citylife thanks to contemporary cultural formats : more freedom, more spaces, more experiences. They contribute to their attractivity.

Night time entrepreneurs have now to work with tourism office and public bodies, hand in hand, to promote and attract new people.

Experts from Berlin, Paris and Milano come to share their views and paradigms.

Main topics and ressources : The (cultural and economic) value of the night economy in the European context, including informations and focus with Key figures thanks to ECN, the way the cities of Berlin, Paris and Milano handle their nightime politics, the works of Creative Footprints and ClubCommission, then the Manifesto Nights from the Future and the platform of the ECN (EuroCouncil of the Night).


Host: Frantz Steinbach



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