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18–24 novembre 2019


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Saturday 24 November

Qualità Pop: Franco Battiato e La Voce Del Padrone

When: 18:00 - 19:30

BASE Spazio C

The publication of Fabio Zuffanti’s book about Franco Battiato’s album “La voce del padrone” provides the perfect opportunity to delve into the age-old question of pop, kicking off with the first Italian record to sell over a million copies.
We will focus on the difference between quality pop and genre pop, and explore just how much this music has influenced Francesco Messina and Roberto Masotti’s art direction work. Messina is Battiato’s best friend as well as being responsible for most of his image work (including the cover of “La voce del padrone”), while Roberto Masotti was the photographer for “La voce del padrone” and many other works by Battiato. Fabio Zuffanti looks into the recording phenomenon and the record’s legacy including the production of other products in the vein of Zuffanti’s.

Host: Elena Viale, Editor Vice



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