Milano Music Week
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18–24 novembre 2019


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Thursday 22 November

Synch: Lost in Translation

When: 16:30 - 17:15

Cariplo Factory – Innovation Arena

supported by Embassy of Canada to Italy/Ambassade du Canada en Italie, in collaboration with the Délégation du Québec à Rome and Italia Music Export – SIAE and ICE


“I need a song for my campaign, a bit fun a bit serious, groovy, upbuilding throughout the song, romantic.”
“Who’s the client?”
“I can’t say it yet…”
“Any references?”
“Well, our client really likes that Michael Jackson song…”
“When is your campaign rolling?”
“In three days…”
“10.000 Euros”
“For that budget you might, and I say might, get some up and coming new artist”
“Like… Lorde?”


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