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18–24 novembre 2019


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Friday 23 November

The international agents’ interview

When: 10:30 - 11:15

BASE Spazio C


The booking of the international live music market is mainly handled by a relatively small number of major agencies. The American powerhouse Paradigm and its affiliates like Coda are among them when it comes to booking talent all over the world.
Two of their leading agents respond to questions about how the live market is organized and evolving, and the role of international agents, promoters, sub-agents and festivals. Furthermore, how are bands being signed and what do they need to bring to the table, besides great music? How are artists being developed once signed? And finally: what is it like to work in Italy?


supported by

Embassy of Canada to Italy/Ambassade du Canada en Italie, in collaboration with the Délégation du Québec à Rome.

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