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18–24 novembre 2019


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Thursday 22 November

The next big sync? Music in TV, Online and Cinema

When: 15:30 - 16:15

Cariplo Factory – Innovation Arena


In era of high quality video streaming with brands producing their own contents, the sync business seems to have been inflating for a while already. Year ago negotiations had at lease a triple 0 in the numbers, it often gets down to two 0s, or its values are positive image-transfer and visibility, or for the sake of artistic quality. If that is all true, what are the opportunities for rights holders in this environment of micro syncs? Where is the market in TV, cinema and web/online series going to?

supported by

Embassy of Canada to Italy/Ambassade du Canada en Italie, in collaboration with the Délégation du Québec à Rome.


Host: Gianni Sibilla

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