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Daniela Cattaneo

CEO & Founder, h+ e (hfilms)

Daniela Cattaneo

Daniela Cattaneo Diaz is founder and head of Hfilms and h+, two production houses operating both in advertising and the cultural sector. Growing up between Milan, Paris and New York, Daniela studied International Business and Public Health. After completing her studies in 1988, she was chosen to join Aspen Institute as a young leader and started working in the advertising world, which led to the production of large campaigns for clients such as Eni, Enel, Fiat, Coca Cola, General Motors, Nike, and Unilever. At the young age of 27 she became partner at some of the most important Italian production houses and in 1999 started working in London for Radical Media. In 2001, she returned to Milan and founded Hfilms, a production house with which she participated at the launch of Fastweb and Sky in Italy, and all television advertising for Sky. Much of Daniela’s work has achieved international recognition, been presented at festivals such as Cannes Lions and the Biennale di Venezia, and won important awards. In 2006 she founded h+, a production company providing cultural strategy consultancy, where she initiated a dialogue between the business world and the culture sector. The result was Enel Contemporanea, a public art project entirely produced by Enel and curated by h+ until its seventh edition. Fascinated by the project’s great impact and the positive feedback it attracted, Daniela started investigating territorial engagement and public-private collaborations. With h+, she facilitated the opening of MACRO Contemporary Art Museum in Rome, programmed Estate Fiorentina in Florence, and relaunched GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Milan by constructing a partnership with UBS. She successfully engaged a diverse public with city-wide festivals such as Bookcity, Pianocity, and Greencity – which have all quickly become parts of the Milanese cultural landscape. Currently Daniela and h+ are engaged in the BASE project – a new place for cultural progress in Milan, which opened on 30th March 2016. Daniela is a mother to two daughters, and lives and works in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and New York.

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Daniela Cattaneo

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