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18–24 novembre 2019


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Denis Longhi

Direttore Artistico, “JAZZ:RE:FOUND FESTIVAL”

Denis Longhi

He is the Multimedia Lab manager at the Humanities Department at Vercelli University. He is also the founder and manager of the collective Noego (2001) and oversees its evolution as a non-profit cultural organisation, the Associazione Casanoego (2007). For more than 15 years he has been coordinating human resources and artistic projects, conducting research and production in the events field, predominantly in the cultural and artistic realm. Since 2009 he has been President and Project manager of Casanoego, which has become one of Vercelli’s most impactful cultural enterprises, especially thanks to the International Festival “Jazz:Re:found”, where he has served as Production and Artistic Director and Communications and Fundraising Manager since 2008. Since 2012 he has taken on the role of manager at the multi-functional space “Faktory Basement” in Vercelli’s Ex-Montefibre area, through Anci, a national call for bids ,and the B9 project (coordinated with the Department of Youth Policy at Vercelli Province and City Council). After five years planning travelling events (Boogie Nights, Mustang, Hardboiled) he designed and facilitated the realisation of a fixed Co-working Hub and events space, an umbrella for gatherings and artistic expression among young people (a collaboration with Cariplo and the Funder35 grant). He has often found himself involved as a consultant in the planning phase of public and private calls for bids, as well as acting as a tutor or speaker at specialist courses on development models and satellite activities in cultural enterprise. Furthermore, he also works as a freelance organizer of events and productions (Red Bull, Burn, Adidas, Tuborg etc.). Since 2013 he has been a lecturer at the Università Cattolica di Milano’s master’s course in Event Conception and Planning. Since 2015 he has also covered the role of Artistic Director for the Jazz Theatre Season at the Centro Santa Chiara in Trento and for Nylon Festival in Vercelli. Since 2016 he has been responsible, along with Alberto Campo, for the planning and artistic direction of the “Distretto 38” Festival in Trento, as well as being secretary for the Associazione IQMF (Italian Quality Music Festival), a national network representing the best festivals on the Italian

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Denis Longhi

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