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18–24 novembre 2019


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Born and raised in Campania, Masamasa, stage name of Federico De Nicola, graduated in Germany and is now settled in Milan. Still in his twenties, he has been into music since the age of twelve and already has an EP, entitled “Ostbahnof”, to his name, as well as the singles “Friendly”, “Contento” and “TIPAINDIE” which were released in early 2018 to significant public and critical acclaim, reaching the top 5 in the Viral 50 Italia playlist on Spotify. He has released and produced all his work so far alongside his producer, simoo, who hails from the same part of Italy. Over the summer he also embarked on a small tour including stops at top Italian music festivals like Mi Ami Festival, Home Festival and Eleva festival. On 17 October he released IO&TRE, a playlist featuring three new singles: Noi, Bilancia and Magnifico. Three different moments of the day for three tracks made at three different points in Masamasa’s life, each one showcasing the many facets of his style in their own way. 2019 will see this young budding talent throwing down the foundations to achieve his dream of becoming a new trailblazer on the Italian rap scene.

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